Sabtu, 10 Maret 2012

The Rabbit And The Wolf

The The Rabbit And The Wolf
   One day when a rabbit was walking in the forest , he heard someone craying out, “Help! Help!” He looked around, and finally he saw a wolf. A great stone had fallen on his back so that he couldn’t get up. He asked the rabbit’s help, and said that he would die if nobody helped him.
   The rabbit worked very hard, and finally managed to get the big stone of the wolf’s back. Then the wolf jumped up and caught the rabbit in his mouth. The rabbit cried and asked for mercy, but the wolf insisted on killing him for his meal.
  Then the rabbit said, “ No good person kills someone who has helped him. It is not fair. You can ask the duck, who is very fat and knows everything.”
   So, both of them went to the duck. He listened to the story, and then he said, “ Show me to the stone.” They went to the stone.
  “Now let me sure about this,” said The duck. “ Put the stone on the wolf’s back exactly as it was you found him.” So the wolf laid down, and with much effort the stone was put on his back again.

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